How to Use Your Smartphone at Work

Your phone could be sending wrong signals. I’m not talking about a mysterious text or an accidental call. Instead of removing them, the ideal way might be to create communication blocks. If you want to make sure you present yourself in an equally professional and accessible way, there is a way to use your smartphone.

Some Common Communication Mistakes to Avoid

The amount of communication is supposed to be in the spoken or written word. It is because the interaction takes place via Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or text. The reality is that our body language contributes. So the ultimate question is, how did technology change the world? Yes, technology is influencing everyone. And it is essential to understand it. We interact with our phone around other things you can imagine.


If you are the type of person who can’t leave the house without your phone, I will bet that some people can’t find work because they don’t have GPS navigation in their Google App. There are reasons for that. You might want to let the person or people you talk to or meet know that they are essential to you. Right now, you are sending a signal that shows very clearly that whatever is on your phone is necessary for you. Resist the impulse. Keep it, or better yet, don’t take it with you.

Have you tried talking to a person who frequently checks their phone? Maybe You didn’t attempt, because you thought you might get in the way. Imagine if they started talking to you in person by touching the phone when that person begins. He wouldn’t feel comfortable talking. It’s a waste of time. The art of dialogue is dwindling because people are on the phone! When you start looking, not only is it rude, but you tell the individual that they are too busy. If you are too busy to talk, you can say, “I am waiting for a phone” or “I have an appointment, how are we going to talk later?

Procure your smartphone is not conducive to your productivity. Studies have shown that distraction is exhausting with the need of our brains. Since almost everyone connects to their smartphone, it would be tempting to try it while it’s working. The University of Texas at Austin has found that your productivity is affected by your smartphones.

Leave your phone on. Keep it out of sight if you can make it. While the data suggests that American professionals spend more than 5 hours a day on their smartphones, don’t get confused with a slacker! If you’re a constant “phone-fiddler,” you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it. Well, if part of your acquisition happens in the office, that’s why.


Giving the Right Signals

A CareerBuilder survey found that more than half of supervisors believe employees are unproductive because of smartphones. Mike Elgan calls the smartphone hobby, and these devices induce connections. You might want to reconsider where to hide your phone if you need Google for yourself. What we say is important, how we say it with our body language matters. The proof is. Our relationships define our phones. Be careful and use your smartphone… uh, in a sensible way.