Four Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Electric Bike Battery

Electric bikes are getting more popular right now as it offers many benefits. Aside from using the latest eco-friendly technology, this bike can also help people to travel to their office in a crowded city as it helps with the pedaling. To learn more about the benefits of electric bikes, you can go to The Fitness Tribe website. An electric bicycle battery is usually lithium and can store a large amount of energy for normal long trips. With proper care and attention, these batteries can last a long time without investing in an expensive installation. Here are some tips on how to take care of your battery.

electric bike battery tips

Make Sure It’s Always Fully Charged

Unlike regular bikes with no power source, the electric bikes need electric power stored in the battery. The battery used for this bike is called Lithium-Ion. That said, the best way to maintain the health of this Lithium-Ion battery is to make sure it’s always fully charged wherever possible. This applies to recharging after a short 1 or 2-mile trip. If the battery has been fully discharged regularly, its ability to hold a charge will certainly decrease. When the battery is completely discharged, it is essential to check it whenever possible.

Make Sure the Battery Is Always Clean and Dry

Even though these batteries are waterproof, which is made for a small amount of light rain, it is usually a good idea to keep them dry and clean whenever possible. The actual contacts around the battery should be kept dry to avoid oxidation or corrosion problems. Then, these problems will weaken the long-term capacity and efficiency of the battery. It’s a good idea to check the connections monthly. At the first sign of corrosion, you can use an emery cloth to ensure proper cleaning.

Make Sure the Battery Is Always in the Cool Temperature

Cells are less able to maintain their cost in an extremely hot environment. This means that the battery will begin to lose power more rapidly in hot weather. This has the disadvantage of requiring the battery to be recharged at regular intervals. Lithium electricity can extend driving distance many times if stored and preserved in a cold environment. Hence, it will prolong the health battery of your electric bike.

Make Sure the Bike Is Stored in the Correct Manner

If you plan to leave your electric bicycle idle for many months, it is very important to store it properly. It is beneficial for the battery to be at least 80% charge. This helps reduce the potential for energy discharge. Try to store your bicycle in a fashionable environment, out of direct sunlight. Also, it’s beneficial to make sure you charge the battery once every five to ten weeks in the long run.

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