Six Best Photo Editing Software Beside Photoshop

Many photo editing apps or software have been released for many users. People still choose Adobe for the win. It is because of the features that Adobe provides to the users. Besides, Adobe is accessible for everyone with many kinds of gadgets. However, just because Photoshop is omnipresent, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other image editing programs.

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Besides, you may want to edit images, but you may not need to have all the Photoshop features. For the average consumer, Photoshop can be a bit exaggerated. And of course, it is expensive. There are some other great photo editing tools based on

  1. GIMP

Many people might think that free image editing software cannot compete with its paid-for counterparts in terms of usability and features, but if you tried GIMP, you could get great results from it. It is completely free and accessible. Even if you have not used it yourself, you have probably heard of it from many people. It is because GIMP has gained a large number of loyal customers thanks to its huge set of tools, including color correction, painting tools, cloning, and enhancement. Besides, there is a GIMP version that has quite similar tools to Photoshop. Therefore, this software is easier to use for Photoshop users.

  1. Affinity Photos

Affinity Photo always becomes the second answer after Photoshop. This program is growing in popularity among photographers because it matches Photoshop in almost all its features. It is offered at a much lower price, but most of its customers claim that it has an advantage over its popular rival.

Affinity Photo can be used with various document formats such as PSD. Note that this program is aimed at advanced customers with professional equipment. It promises higher prices and, at the same time, reduces dropouts. Along with the destruction, it can also be a lifesaver.

  1. Canva

Canva is simply one of the best programs, like Photoshop. Canva considers as a new platform, but it has become popular among users. Besides, it offers much design that can be used for users freely. Therefore, once you online and search it, you can utilize Canva every time everywhere.

What makes Canva unique is that it offers numerous design elements such as fonts, stock photos, and layouts. They allow you to choose from hundreds of templates, so even if you’re a complete beginner, you can easily find the design inspiration you need. However, to unlock the full power of Canva, you’ll need to take out a monthly subscription.

  1. Acorn photo editing app

Acorn is another form of Photoshop for Mac users. It is one of the most popular photo editing applications for your Mac. Acorn may not be as powerful and effective as Photoshop, but it should be more than enough to meet your editing and image creation needs. Besides, It comes with detailed tutorials to help you do everything you want to learn to get the most out of the program.

  1. Serif PhotoPlus X6

Serif PhotoPlus should be familiar to you if you have been involved in image editing for a long period. It is a particularly interesting alternative for newcomers. It does not mean that experienced users do not benefit from this program. It offers innovative features that can make life easier, such as its intelligent Selection Brush that allows you to select or crop parts of an image with unsurpassed refinement. Many users like to discuss the tips they have learned over time in advancing this software.

  1. picMonkey

This photo editing is just another online image editor that may not seem so compelling at first glimpse, but it will surprise you. The picMonkey app offers many tools for users. Therefore, it has turned out to be a powerful image editor, especially for something used by the cloud.

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